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Honest Discussion on why Bad Weather is not an Issue 

Adult man riding an electric bike in rain.png

In a 2019 survey, 28% of population was put off cycling because of the fear of poor weather.  Although this concern has some merit if you are commuting by electric bike and thus must read every day at a specific time, bad weather should not be a concern if you main use for your electric bike is short trips around town, to the shops, to visit friends.

First, no one is saying that you must cycling for every short trip you make from home.  If it is raining (or threatening rain), feel free to wait it out or to drive.

Second, nearly half of all trips from home are less than 2 miles.  On an electric bike this should take about 6 minutes.  We all know the weather in Britain.  It changes rapidly.  The question you should ask yourself is not whether it might rain today.  When you are about to set off the relevant question is:  whether it will rain in the next 6 minutes.

Please do not let concern for the weather prevent you from enjoying the fitness and mental health benefits of cycling.

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