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Practical Solutions if you Store you eBike Outside Overnight

damaged electric bike abandoned at night

I’m sorry, but my honest recommendation is that you should reconsider your answer.


All bikes are of interest to thieves.  Electric bikes are particularly attractive targets.  Given enough time, there is a way through any lock.  And thieves don’t have to steal the whole bike.  The battery alone is valuable.  If you have a front hub e-motor, the front wheel is valuable even if they have to cut through the rim.

Don’t think that storing your bike overnight out of view is the solution.  In many cases, “out of view” also means that any thief will be undisturbed and unobserved.


And being on "private property" is not guaranteed protection either.  Roughly 2/3rds of bike thefts reported are from homes and associated outbuildings and sheds.

If the reason that you are parking your bike outside overnight is because the bike is too bulky to fit in your flat, have a look at our list of folding electric bikes.

If the reason is because the bike is too awkward to get into your flat, have a look at our discussion on the best electric bike when storage is awkward.

If neither section addresses your situation, consider contacting your local council.  Many local authorities and councils are installing secure bike storage on the street.  Google: “request bike storage from” followed by the name of your local authority or council to see if they have an existing programme.  If not, write to their Transport Department.

Finally, have a look at our discussion on bike locks to ensure that your electric bike is stored as securely as possible if you do decide to store it outside, in a garden shed, or in a communal area overnight.

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