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Older couple cycling on electric bikes in a city park

Down-to-Earth advice and answers on electric bikes 

Older couple on electric bikes

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An electric bike may be the answer to what concerns you:  How to continue living an active lifestyle without the carbon footprint and inconvenience of driving a car.

But which electric bike is best for seniors?  What features are important?

We think you should:

  • get one with a step-through frame

  • avoid a front hub motor

  • if you can afford it, get a mid-drive motor

  • likely a Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive

  • ideally with an Enviolo internal gear hub

If you agree with our thinking, then maybe you want the Ultimate C380 from Gazelle.  That is the bike I bought.

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Featured Advice


When I tell people about Zip Electric, the first question is usually:  What is the best electric bike?


But that is the Wrong Question.  The right question is:  Which electric bike is best for me?  To answer that I need more information - specificallyWhat activity is your bike mainly for?

  [A]  Commuting to work or school

  [B]  You are retired and want to maintain mobility

  [C]  Short trips about town/ visiting friends

  [D]  Fitness and leisure

Tell me this and that I can suggest specific electric bikes.

A range of electric bikes in a cycle shop

About Us

     Chris and I have been keen cyclists all our lives.  Chris is the more hardcore of the two.
     In the mid-1990s we operated a cycling touring company - both guided and self-guided trips.  Every Sunday morning Chris met a random group of cyclists at Paddington Station and led a free day trip somewhere accessible by train.
     In the early 2000s both of us commuted to work in London by cycle.  Around a decade ago we moved to the edge of the Cotswolds and now hike or cycle every weekend.
     Years of experience have taught us what we like and what we can skip about urban, rural, and off road cycling.  Now that I have gotten into electric bikes (to keep up with Chris), we decided to share our learnings with you.


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