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The Best Electric Bike
Available Now

Last August, I ordered an electric bike from Gazelle, a Dutch manufacturer.  Due to global supply chain issues, I didn't get the bike until last week (mid-February) - over 6 months later.


Unfortunately, these sorts of delays are not uncommon.  One issue causing particular problems in the bike industry is specialised components - some of which have a 400 day lead time from order to delivery.  These shortages have become so severe that thieves are targeting Shimano shipments and people are having components stolen off their bikes while parked outside.

Given this above, my articles describing the best electric bike may seem of little practical relevance.  To answer this potential criticism, I have searched the web and found ebikes available now that I think are suitable for older people and for people living in hilly areas.

Available Now

Best Ebikes for Older People


In a separate article, I explain the features that define the best electric bike for older people.  On this page, I list the ebikes that appear to be available now in the UK, where you can get them, and any ways that they fall short of what I think is the best ebike.

Best Ebikes for Hills

I have also written an article describing the best electric bike for hills.  On this page, I like the ebikes available now that I think are closest to this ideal and explain the impact of any features I don't like.

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