1 Simple Question to Reveal the Best Electric Bike for Short Trips about Town

Electric bicycle in from of a local shop after a short trip

Did you know that nearly half of all trips from home are under 2 miles – a distance that can be cycled in under 6 minutes, but that over a third of people drive.  And, even though 42% of the population has access to a bicycle, less than 2% of these trips are taken by bike.


Why?  Cycling is a great way to stay fit, save money, and to help the environment.


The main obstacle to cycling are concerns about safety relating to there being too much traffic, which moving too fast.


If you have these concerns, an electric bike may be the answer.  Power assistance can give you quick acceleration when the light changes green and can help you keep up with traffic without putting in unreasonable effort.


For us to suggest specific ebikes for you to make short trips, it would be useful to know:


Q.2 Which other issues are of most concern to you?


  [A]  Have children, or Too much to carry

  [B]  Hills

  [C]  Awkward to store at home

  [D]  Concerned about thefts

  [E]  Poor weather

  [F]  None of the Above


If multiple statements apply, select the first relevant option.  Your selection need not fit perfectly.  You can change your answer if our suggestions don’t feel right.   Our goal is to identify the features that make the most difference for you … to find the best electric bike for your commute.