Discover the Best Electric Bike for your Commute, Answer 1 Question

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You live outside the city centre and are thinking about commuting regularly by bike.  Likely your initial concerns were around safety:  bad driving, poorly designed and maintained roads, and substandard infrastructure.


The UK has made many improvements for cyclists in recent years, and if you are reading this page then likely you are inclined to take the plunge regardless.

After safety concerns, The Guardian found that potential cyclists were put off because they felt they could not keep up with traffic.  This is a particular concern outside city centres where cars travel faster and longer distances between intersections.

The final issues highlighted by The Guardian were hills and bad weather.

If you are on the fence about commuting by bicycle, be aware that an electric bike may be the solution to your concerns - as an electric bike can:

  • Give you decent acceleration when the light changes to green;

  • Help you maintain a decent speed even if you have had a long day; and

  • Help you maintain a decent speed up hills and into a head wind.

(Unfortunately an electric bike can't do anything about the British weather.)

Given that commuting with an electric bike can give you the confidence that you can make it home regardless of how long and exhausting your day has been, please answer this one question to uncover the best electric bike for your commute.

Q.3  Which aspect of your commute home is most daunting?


  [A]  Hills (just one or a series)

  [B]  The Distance

  [C]  Keeping up with traffic


  [D]  Awkward storage at home


If multiple statements apply, select the first relevant option.  Your selection need not fit perfectly.  You can change your answer if our suggestions don’t feel right.   Our goal is to identify the features that make the most difference for you … to find the best electric bike for your commute.

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