An e-bike is well suited to longer road rides.  It helps take the struggle out of the up hills, while still letting you enjoy the downs.  It extends your range to take in more interesting sights.  Whereas, variable power assist allows you to take the risk of longer loop rides, knowing that is you miscalculate, the electric motor can make up the gap.

There are two main considerations.  First, the power assist should be smooth and natural.  Second, the e-bike should perform as normal when power assist is turned off.  For the second, weight is a large consideration.  Regular bikes typically weigh in at around 14 kg.  E-bikes typically are over 20 kg.  That extra weight is noticeable when power assist is off.

Interestingly all the bikes recommended in this category come with the battery integrated into the down tube.  The Scott and Specialized come with Range Extender packs if you want to go very long distances (up to 120 miles) on a single charge.

1st Option - Scott Addict eRIDE 20 Electric Road Bike (£4,399)
Scott Addict eRIDE 20 Road Electric Bike

If you can afford carbon fibre, you cannot go wrong with this bike.  First, it is one of the lightest electric road bikes available, weighing in at only 12 kg.  It achieves this weight with a carbon fibre frame and fork, and Mahle electrics (some of the lightest e-components on the market).

But the light weight does not mean that you are skimping on quality.  Cyclist magazine highly rates this bike for its ride quality and sharp handling.[1]  This bike is fitted out with impressive Shimano components, and Syncros seat and handlebars, and has a range of 81 miles.

The bike comes with drop hand bars (ideal for long distance road rides) and comes in five sizes (from X Small to X Large) to ensure it fits you perfectly.



2nd Option - Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 Step Through (£3,000)
Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 Electric Bike

Although made of aluminium, this e-bike weighs only 14.9 kg and also sports a range of 81 miles.  Wired magazine calls this The Best Bike of 2021 with the reviewer adding, “When I had to return this electric bike, I almost cried.”[1]

The Specialized bike is configured more like a hybrid than a strict road bike – flat handbars (instead of drop ones) to negotiate varying surfaces, a hidden shock in the head tube to cushion bumps.  Without power assist, you can expect a slower pace but otherwise a very fine bicycle



3rd Option - Giant Road E+ 2 Pro Electric Road Bike (£2,625)
Giant Road E+ 2 Pro Road Electric Bike

Cyclist magazine named this bike the best racer electric bike in 2020 when it had a list price of £3,499.[1]  In our view, since then it has been overtaken by our above two recommendations; however, this remains a solid bike, made all the more attractive if you are able to find it on a clearance sale.

Aluminium frame.  Carbon fibre forks.  Drop handlebars.  68 miles range.  Weighing in at 22 kg.

Whereas the Scott and Specialized have their motor in the rear hub, Giant puts their motor next to the crank, which in theory allows for better tracking of cadence, pedal pressure, and acceleration so allow for smoother, more natural power assist.



4th Option - Orbea Vibe H30 Electric Hybrid Bike (£2,159)
Orbea Vibe H30 Hybrid Electric Bike

For significantly less money, you can’t go wrong with the Orbea.  E Bike Choices the Orbea Vibe as the Best Lightweight Electric Bikes.[1]

It has an aluminium frame, carbon fibre forks, and thus weighs 15.8 kg.  As with the other bikes recommended, the batter is integrated into the downtube; however, it is noticeably smaller with a range of only 62 miles and does not support a Range Extender.

Other than that, this is a high quality bike for its price.