BEST eBIKE for Fitness Leisure

People often ask us:  What is the best electric bike for me?  Well, that depends on what you mainly want the bike for.  Many people just want an electric bicycle for short trips - to visit the local shop, to drop by friends, to go to the park, or for light recreation.  Bicycles can be a lot faster than walking, and a lot more convenient (and cheaper) than driving and having to find somewhere to park.

Unfortunately, around 86% of the population find that storing their bike is awkward and the majority of these people say it stops them using their bike.  So, if your intention is to use your e-bike for short trips, it is important that it is convenient.

So, my next question is: 


Where do you keep your bike at home?

(A)  Road Rides

(B)  Off road Rides

(C)  Mountain Biking

Electric bicycle in from of a local shop after a short trip