2 Simple Questions to Reveal the Best Electric Bike for Commuters

adult man commuting on an electric bike

Work is changing.  McKinsey predicts that nearly half of UK adults will work remotely at least part of the week.

The commute is changing too.  People are moving further out of town for access to outdoor space.  Keeping fit is a higher priority, and for many, climate change has added urgency.

An electric bike may fit your new reality, but which electric bike is best for commuting in 2021?

The answer depends on your situation.


Is your commute mostly on flat open roads?  Or are you looking for the best electric bike for hills?  Are you stop and go in city traffic?  Or are you a commuter who hops on and off trains and thus needs your electric bike foldable?


Your answers affect which features are most important for you (see examples below).

Q.2  What best describes your commute?

  [A]  City commuting from a flat

  [B]  Suburban or rural commute

  [C]  Commuting part way by train

Your selection need not fit perfectly.  You can change your answer if our suggestions don’t quite fit.



Our goal is to identify the features that make the most difference for you … to find the best electric bike for your commute.

Keep in mind that an electric bike is not a motorcycle or moped.  You will still be cycling and keeping fit.  The key advantage of an electric bike is that it shaves off the added burden of a hill or head wind at the end of an exhausting day … to give you the confidence that you will never find the ride home just a little too long.

The above questions help us identify the features of most importance to you.


If you commute in stop and go traffic, you may find a mid-drive motor with torque sensors to be a life saver.  If you have a longer, more rural commute you might want a bike with a higher seat and drop handlebars more suitable for road riding.  If you have to carry your bike upstairs into your flat at the end of a long day, weight and weight distribution may be more important.


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