Avoid Mistakes picking an Electric Bike for Your City Commute, Answer 1 Question

Which electric bike is best for city commuters?  Perhaps the most important factor is where you keep the bike – during the day and overnight.

In a Lothian Cycle Campaign survey, 86% of respondents found storing their bicycle inconvenient, and nearly a third said that it stopped them cycling as much as they’d like to.

As a commuter you may be riding your bike daily.  Electric bikes are significantly heavier when you compare an electric bike vs normal bike.  If you have to wrangle it into storage each night, weight and weight distribution will be an issue.

All bikes are of interest to thieves.  Electric bikes are particularly attractive targets.  Given enough time, there is a way through any lock.  And thieves don’t have to nick the entire bike.  The battery alone is valuable.


If you lock your bike in public during the day, the cost and security features will be of heightened importance.  (See our article on locks for electric bikes.)

Q.3  Where do you keep your bike?


  [A]  I roll my bike into secure storage at home and during the day

  [B]  It is a bit awkward to get my bike into secure storage


  [C]  I keep my bike in a communal area or garden shed at night


  [D]  I lock my bike in public during the day


  [E]  Frankly I want to keep my bike with me


If multiple statements apply, select the later option.  Your selection need not fit perfectly.  You can change your answer if our suggestions don’t quite fit.   Our goal is to identify the features that make the most difference for you … to find the best electric bike for your commute.

Adult man commuting on an electric bike in city traffic

Frequently asked questions

Are electric bikes heavy?

In essence, an electric bike is a traditional bike with an added motor and battery - both of which can be be a good few pounds. In addition, the power of the electric motor might require a sturdier frame, strong chain, etc.

An average (non electric) road bike might way 17-18 pounds. A typical electric bike might weight twice that.

What is the fastest electric bike?

No, your ebike will not stop you going faster. If you can pedal 45 mph (and congratulations if you can), your ebike will happily let you. What it won't do is help you get to 45 mph. See, ebikes are designed to stop assisting you when you reach 15.5 mph.

For most people this is not an issue. Cycling beginners typically cycle at 12 mph over short distances. More experienced cyclists may average 15-16 mph over a good few miles.

In summary, ebikes are not meant to propel you faster than you might normally cycle. If you want to go faster than other cyclists, then you should look for a moped or motorcycle.

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